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D. Jeremy "Stomp Your Feet"

Remixing ... one of the most variable, the most fun, and the most challenging (if you want to get it right for everybody) facets of record producing. D. Jeremy's track "Stomp Your Feet" was always an unlikely candidate for a remixer with any real common sense -- it's in the Beats-Per-Minute stratosphere (one-fifty-six), it's a rock track, and it's nothing like any of the 'ohana or 'ohana Dreamdance tracks so far. Have a listen, or check it out at iTunes, at Amazon, or at a rock site called Shockhound.

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So 'ohana Dreamdance remixed it (brought it down to 142 so you can slip it into your Trance set, but that might not be a great idea), and it goes like this:

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That's the full version, there's a radio edit available for free (legally): here are some of the links:

Stomp Your Feet (mp3)
iTunes ••• Amazon ••• Shockhound


Once in a while a piece of technology comes along that I feel was specifically made for me. It makes everything it's supposed to do easier and faster, and that usually means better and cheaper as well. But I don't think I've ever had that happen to me twice by the same product until now. A few years ago I purchased Logic Pro 7 which completely changed the way I wrote music. It allowed me to focus on the sounds and rhythms not the knobs and buttons. It was such a revolutionary change that I can't remember the last time I wrote something down on staff paper.

Music Video Released!

The Chicago radio story comes to life in D. Jeremy's new music video "Loser". Written for the girl who deserves better than what she has, its a club scene reminder not to settle for less. Theres someone out there who will treat you right.

Music Video Preview!!

The music video preview event was a huge success! Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support. I had a great time performing for all of you and FINALLY getting to show the video. So many people put many hours of work into it and it came together so well. Thanks to Adam and Phil at Haberdash. It is truly one of the hippest stores in Chicago. A special thanks to Ty Bentli for coming out and being a part of the whole process. He is one of the best things to happen to Chicago radio in such a long time.

Video Release Event!


Private Video Release Event!
A special music video pre-release viewing will be held at HABERDASH in Chicago's Old Town District. The event is invite only for everyone (both cast and crew) involved in the making of the video! Sorry for having to limit it. Wish you could all be there! I will be doing a rare performance with Mike Gallagher with a few unreleased songs.

Thursday May 21st
HABERDASH, 1350 North Wells Street, Chicago, IL 60610
8:30 PM - Please feel free to bring one guest!

D. Jeremy Music Video Release Date May 26!

May 26th is the official release date for D. Jeremy's "Loser" music video starring Ty Bentli from 103.5 KissFM in Chicago! Along with the video, the new single will be available with 4 versions of the track. The original track and "phazelFOZ Edit" (currently available on iTunes) along with a new dance cut called "D. Jeremy's Thump Edit" and an acoustic version will be on the single. The acoustic features Mike Gallagher on guitar and additional vocals. The video also features Chicago listeners and fans who took the time to come out and be part of the production.

D. Jeremy partners with Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher

Recently D. Jeremy teamed up with fellow Chicago musician Mike Gallagher to co-write a new track for D. Jeremy's upcoming album. The track is called "The Window" and it reflects the life of a man not living up to his dreams, but continues to blame others for it. Mike is already a rising star in the music community and has performed with Grammy winners and many famous names. D. Jeremy and Mike have paired up before for some of D. Jeremy's earlier projects but this is the first "co-writing" partnership between them.

Loser (The phazelFOZ Edit)

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D. Jeremy

A fresh, electronic injected version of the original, Loser (The phazelFOZ Edit) is the track for D. Jeremy's new music video starring Ty Bentli from 103.5 KissFM in Chicago.

D. Jeremy returns to Enclave

Recently I had the chance to meet up with Ty Bentli and Special K from 103.5 KissFM in Chicago at Enclave. Enclave served as the set for my "Loser" music video shoot and is one of the hottest clubs in the country. I had such an amazing experience with Enclave that I had to come back when it was in full force on a Friday night. It lived up to all the hype. My thanks to Matt and all the top notch staff. I'll definitely be back soon.

- D. Jeremy

D. Jeremy works with SHAZAM!

D. Jeremy had the chance to work with Shazam, an amazing company that provides (along with other services) the ability to find a song/album art, where to buy it, and supporting news all from your iPhone! You can now find and buy D. Jeremy tracks simply by holding your iphone out while the track is playing. The company was one of the most responsive and helpful partners AOTPR has worked with yet! Visit www.shazam.com for more info on the company.

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