Andy Moor's Upcoming Artist Album

Andy Moor is one of the most complete voices on the Electronic Dance Music scene; he can put beats, textures and vocals together in ways that are just a step beyond a lot of other music, even good music.

He also tours just about everywhere to bring his DJ sets to audiences around the world, but right now, unless you're either in Ibiza or one of the cities in Northern Europe he's playing this month, you're not going to hear one of his sets.

Fortunately, he also does a radio show called "Moor Music". According to his site,, " the tracks are handpicked and mixed to perfection by Andy himself and are a true reflection of what you can expect to hear him play live at any of his shows or concerts across the globe". Here it is ---

Moor will release his first artist album next month, which is astonishing considering the quality and success of his original productions. We'll have more about that as it gets closer.

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