Glass Bricks Mastering Their New Record “Craquelure”

Glass Bricks

Glass Bricks is in aotpr’s Heart & Soul Studio with Dan Agosto mastering their new eight song rekkrd “Craquelure”, which was produced by Nick Broste at the Shape Shoppe this spring. The tracks are really cool double-vocal pop, featuring Kate Walsh and Abby Glogower, but we can’t possibly improve on the description they have on their Myspace; here it is: “the foursome blends the saccharine sincerity of 60s girl groups with the peppy bravado of 70s power-pop and the occasional psychedelic meandering.”

The rest of the band is John Shin on drums and Al Schatz on Bass. At the band’s upcoming shows, Brad Smith steps in to handle bass duties. The band is playing twice in the next few days: Friday June 11 at Crown Liquors (2821 N. Milwaukee in Chicago) with Follow That Bird (Austin), and then a free show Monday night at Coles, 2338 N. Milwaukee Ave, with Starring (Brooklyn),Paper Mice, and Bad Drugs. If it wasn’t so late, we’d be posting one of the tracks from Craquelure with this article, but stay tuned, we will.

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